Travel Team

Our Travel Team specializes in placing Travel RNs into wonderful opportunities Nationwide. This Team has over 20  years of experience placing Nurses into top paying assignments. You are our top priority!!! We want to exceed your expectations, consistently find the opportunities that are right for you and develop a long term relationship!

Per Diem Team

The Per Diem staffing team specializes in PRN placements in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. They work diligently to get nurses working and facilities staffed.  The Per Diem Team is meticulous in taking care of the state’s largest hospitals.  Coming from a variety of staffing backgrounds, each member brings an important piece to the team. They are enthusiastic about getting nurses to work every day.  This group has a strong focus in nurturing and growing their facilities.

Credentialing Team

Contemporary’s team of Credentialing Specialists are some of the most precise in the industry.  Verifying and triple checking to be sure all of the clinicians are compliant.

Recruiting Team

The recruiting team is devoted to bringing in new clinicians.  They are experts in the process of hiring and sourcing new nurses to fill ongoing needs through Contemporary.

Client Relations and Business Development

With a focus on growing the business, this department works directly with current and future clients.  Understanding the needs of the facility and working together to fill them is key.  They are also responsible for communications to clinicians and clients.


Billing and Payroll Department (Accounting)

Nurses need to get paid.  Contemporary’s payroll department handles just that.  Some of the best accountants around, they are responsible for the numbers.