You take care of patients, we’ll take care of you!

When it comes to healthcare staffing, not all agencies are built the same.  Just as all nurses, allied professionals,  hospitals, and patients are unique. To ensure the highest level of quality care, you must place the right clinician in the right setting. Since 1997, Contemporary Healthcare Solutions has done just this.

Why travel?

  • Professional growth – Work at top teaching facilities or rural hospitals. Travel is a great way to build your resume
  • Great pay – Generous hourly rate and most facilities offer a completion bonus
  • No workplace politics – Travel nurses go in, do their job and focus on the patients without becoming embroiled in the politics
  • Discover new places – There are no limits to all the opportunities throughout the United States
  • Avoid burn out – Many nurses that are permanent staff burn out. Not with travel, you get to do what you love and move to the next contract when you are ready

Why ConTemporary Nursing Solutions?

  • Nurse owned – We talk your language
  • Friendly staff available 24×7 – We work when you work
  • Daily pay – Most agencies pay every 2 weeks not CTS we get you your money daily
  • Benefits – First of the month following your contract start
  • Bonus programs – Completion bonus, referral bonus

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