EZ Pay Application

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If you select this option, you understand that you can access all of your pay each payday for free by completing the Skylight Check. In addition, you acknowledge that you may voluntarily use the Skylight ONE Card if you so choose. Further, you acknowledge that you have been provided with a copy of and an opportunity to review disclosures relating to the Program, which include, at a minimum, the Cardholder Agreement, Fee Schedule and Privacy Policy relating to the Program. 

By selecting the Skylight Pay Option “EZ PAY” on this Pay Election Form and signing hereunder, I authorize the ConTemporary Nursing Solutions to send credit entries (and appropriate debit and adjustment entries), electronically or by any other commercially accepted method, to the account that I have provided above or to the Skylight Account, as applicable (each an “Account”). This authorizes the financial institution holding the Account to post all such entries. Further, I understand that I have the right to change the method of payment that I have elected on this form.  If I do desire to change my method of payment. 

This authorization will be in effect until the Company receives a written termination notice from myself and has a reasonable opportunity to act on it, which shall be no longer than the time permitted by applicable law, if any. 

Finally, I understand that if I select the Skylight Pay Option “EZ Pay” Program and continue to use the Program following the termination of my employment with ConTemporary Nursing, certain terms, conditions and fees relating to the Program may change, pursuant to the terms of the Cardholder Agreement.

Fee Schedule and Transaction Limits EZ Pay