Congratulations you have qualified to participate in our benefits.  We are offering 3 products to choose from.  You can participate in all products or an individual product.  Please see attachments for more details of the benefits.  Below are some highlights of the products that we offer.

    • We are offering 2 plans
      • GOLD has a Higher Premium but Lower Deductibles with IN & OUT of network options
      • BRONZE has a Lower Premium but Higher Deductibles with IN & OUT of network options

Gold- Choice 1500 – Aetna 2_2018 – Clinicians

BRONZE – Choice 6750 – Aetna 2_2018 – Clinicians

Insurance Rates Clinicians – 2018 (005)

Aetna – Enrollment Form for Open enrollment March 18


DENTAL details Clinicians 2_2018

Dental Enrollment – Principal – 2_2018


  • Voluntary Short Term Disability benefits help replace a part of your income should you become totally disabled due to a non-work related accident or sickness.  This includes pregnancy or complications of pregnancy.
      • You do not have to join.  This is a voluntary program that several of our employees have asked about, so we are making it available to you.
      • If you leave totally and return you will not be able to enroll in benefits for 3 months after you return.VOLUNTARY SHORT TERM DISABILITY
  • Benefits
  • Benefits begin 15 days after Accident and 15 days after Sickness
  • Maximum benefit duration is 26 weeks

Maximum benefits allowed are based on employee salary which will be 60% of weekly earnings. Employees can elect any coverage below their max amount

STD Employee communication 2_2018

STD Enrollment form 2_18